Jaco Voges is the Managing Director of De Leeuw Africa Property Valuers

Apart from the social and political upheaval taking place in South Africa, there are dramatic and demanding changes occurring in the property environment.

They are aware that today's business environment is characterised by:

  • Accelerated technological changes leading to faster turn around times.
  • More competitors who are customer orientated, cost conscious, quality conscious, alert and responsive.
  • Proliferation of products and services in the market place.

Today competition is not just about what products they produce, it is also about service, advice, delivery and other intangibles that customers value.

They are convinced that they have a cohesive plan to pull these initiatives together to reach our business objectives.


De Leeuw Africa Property Valuers intends to offer a responsive professional service of high standard to all its customers. They believe that this service is the best possible solution as it:

  • Provides a unique opportunity to satisfy our customers.
  • Provides a unique combination of services currently not available in this market.
  • Is strengthened by a highly motivated and committed team with combined knowledge and experience of many years.

Furthermore, they offer the following products and services:

  • Property Valuations
  • Government Appraisers
  • Arbitration on building matters

JACO VOGES Cell. 082 376 0110 Tel. (041) 363 3454 Fax (041) 363 4360 E-mail

Tel: +27 (0)41 583 5453
Fax: +27 (0)41 583 3456

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