Summerstrand - South Africa's Best Suburb to Live In!

Magnificent view from a property in Summerstrand

What makes Summerstrand sizzle in order to have been voted as South Africa’s winner of a suburb survey? “As a keen observer of property and lifestyle trends,” says Joan Muller in FINWEEK some time ago, “I’m constantly fascinated by my fellow South Africans’ home buying decisions.” What makes one suburb more desirable to live in than the next?

FINWEEK - partnered with market researcher Ask Afrika - elicits answers to some questions and helps rate SA’s residential landscape. Ask Afrika uses a “quality of life” methodology to gauge perceptions. If you invite Andrea Rademeyer, CEO of Ask Afrika, to say what exactly constitutes quality of life, she says the short answer is that quality of life is the extent to which people’s happiness requirements are met.

Results of the survey? Summerstrand offers its residents a clean coastal environment, easy access to shopping centres, schools and hospitals, well-kept roads and properties, and an elevated sense of community. Consequently Summerstrand hasn’t only received the honour as the best suburb to live in in terms of an overall quality of life rating, but its residents also enjoy a high, individual quality of life. This is relevant in terms of health and work issues, opportunities to socialise and enjoy hobbies.

Rademeyer says Summerstrand is a case study for how an area can swiftly change or adapt, and social connectedness and a sense of community are integral to its positioning. According to the survey buyers have an interest in Summerstrand for job opportunities, or other work-related reasons, and also for superior access to facilities offered, including schools, hospitals and sporting/gym facilities.

Rademeyer says, when looked at overall, Summerstrand’s residents are significantly more loyal and proud of their suburb than any of the other 24 suburbs in the South African survey. Their sense of loyalty is supported by a general intention to stay in the suburb for at least another 10 years.

Summerstrand is known as the suburb by the sea and ‘minutes to everywhere’: beach, town and airport!

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