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TRUE VALUE in property is only secured by sensibly selecting a professionally skilled, knowledgeable and truly reliable Specialist Agent to represent YOU.

Why is it advantageous to select the team of MARIETTE ROSSOUW?

Involved in the community in various ways!

MARIETTE ROSSOUW" started in 1984, when Mariette qualified as an agent and came to realise that her Stellenbosch degree in Home Economics quite empowered her in this field. From the start she was a natural saleslady, and in 1985 became the very first resident agent to specialise in Summerstrand.

With a very clear understanding of the attributes of a real professional, Mariette identified good training and top qualifications as first priority. Maturing in this field has secured her, amongst others, a significant leading role as the very first graduate in Port Elizabeth who obtained the national Roll of Honour, and the International CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designations.

She is serious about selling, and always ready to assist. "I know that the genuine cry of your heart is to work with frank, open agents that you can really trust. Thus, I individually handpicked our team-members for integrity, trustworthiness and the important core values we stand for. Leading a dedicated, sunshine team is a great joy, and I sincerely offer my personal pledge":

In commitment to expertise and efficiency, I passionately pilot our team to operate as your agent of choice. Yes, we are in a class of our own - a cut above the rest. We guarantee superb service, a true spirit of trust, and big lots of enthusiasm! Whilst pioneering from our number ONE position, we are just a phone call away.

We also offer you vital benefits:

  • Cutting-edge internet technology, and national as well as global website addresses
  • Exclusive advertising: 24-hour display of properties in newspapers and websites
  • Outstanding team support, and real value-adding assistance in your sale.

1st - FIRST for you - call us FIRST!

  • FIRST AREA SPECIALIST - Uniquely known for credibility, experience and skills
  • FIRST DUAL-GRADUATE IN PORT ELIZABETH - Leading in know-how, competence & capabilities
  • FIRST DEDICATED TEAM - Absolutely committed to serving the community!
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