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Our principal - Mariette Rossouw

Founder of the Top Professionals Guild

Mariette is a zealous and energetic Consultant with the highest professional designations! She is a premier graduate for property in Port Elizabeth - certified amongst others with a degree in Home Economics, the Homenet SA Roll of Honour, as well as the International ! Her personal award-winning sales-record from 1984 secures her Leader Title at the beachfront, and her designations clearly put her agency in a class of its own!

¹CRS is the international property designation of a Specialist Agent who graduated with the "Council of Residential Specialists".


1966 Diploma in Home Economics
(University Stellenbosch)
1967 T.D.H.N. (U.S.)
1971 Bachelor's degree in Home Economics (U.S.)
1974 Appointed as Lecturer of the Port Elizabeth Teachers' Training College


1984 C.E.A.A.B. (Certificate Estate Agents' Affairs Board), MIEA, TRESS: The Real Estate Success Series (in marketing).
1986 - 1997 Principal: Mariette Rossouw Eiendomme
1997 - 2000 Principal: Homenet Alfa - selected to join Homenet; graduated in Homenet SA Advantage, as well as the national Roll of Honour.
2001 Member Property Professional Club SA. Joined Re/max as Independent Associate for 2 years; obtained Gold Club Status
2002 Graduated: International ; obtained Platinum Club Status; Topselling Agent for all Eastern Cape Re/max Offices.
2003 FIRST in PE to qualify for International "Hall of Fame"; Top-seller for the Port Eizabeth Metropole Re/max offices; NAR. Mariette, for ethical reasons, chose in June 2003 not to renew her alliance, and again embarked on her own.
2004 Mariette, principal of MARIETTE ROSSOUW & ASSOCIATES initiated the first guild in Port Elizabeth for professional, experienced agents only, with very strict criteria for an ethical code and fine expertise: Top Professionals Guild, also known as TPG.
2005 First Port Elizabeth principal/agent who joined Business Networking International (BNI)
2006/10 “Small in Size, Big in Business” : MRE associates with M-LS and the team secures a successful Mariette Rossouw brand
2011 SAQA qualifications registration: NQF 7
2016 Mariette associates with 1st@MLS Rentals & Sales

Insist on Mariette Rossouw's Team -
specialising in Summerstrand since 1984!
Tel 041 583 5453 / Fax 041 583 3456
Mobile 082 801 2801

Ons CREDO sê dit alles:

EERSTE in Vertroue, Diens en Integriteit!

Mariette-hulle woon al sedert 1975 in Summerstrand. Sy spog met die Port Elizabeth se EERSTE dubbel-gegradueerde kwalifikasie: 'n "Homenet SA: Roll of Honour", én die Internasionale ! Haar kantoor is verbind tot uitstaande diens, elkeen werk met absolute toewyding, bondels-vol opgewonde energie, 'n aansteeklike geesdrif en geloof! Met haar firma se rekord vanaf 1984 van integriteit en vertroue, verdien hulle die nommer EEN-keuse as jou eie agent. Geloofwaardigheid en deursigtigheid bly steeds ononderhandelbaar.

Mariette het self die tartankleure én die uniform ontwerp van die Laerskool Summerwood, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, en is verder ook op verskillende terreine betrokke in die gemeenskap.

¹CRS is die internationale titel van 'n Spesialis-Agent in Eiendomme, gegradueer by die "Council of Residential Specialists" in die V.S.A

Property? We do it best - call us FIRST!

From the desk of Mariette Rossouw - Please meet our team:


As principal of MARIETTE ROSSOUW & associates, I am proud to say that each member of our unique team is very carefully handpicked for the core values they stand for. The information hereby given is based on their performance and the DISC Style analyses, from WTTB, Johannesburg.

  • Owner of 1st@MLS Rentals & Sales: Herman Rossouw
  • Agents:
    Mundy Nieuwenhuizen
    Anèl van Deemter
    Tokkie Young

Herman Rossouw - 1st@MLS Rentals & Sales

Tel: 041 583 5453
Fax: 041 583 3456
Cell: 084 586 7890

From 1984 for the first decade or so Mariette Rossouw Eiendomme was known for only selling real estate. As a result of requests from many owners, though, we did change our policy round about that time, and started to do some rentals on an ad hoc basis. After many an appeal, we opened up a formal rental office in 2004. Hubbie Herman, having been a sleeping partner of our selling company anyway, started the rental side as an independent office.

Thus I am pleased to introduce you to the
Broker/ Owner of the Rental and Leasing Office:

Herman Rossouw
B.Sc.; M.Ed (Stellenbosch); B.Sc. Hon. (Port Elizabeth): SAQA NQF9

Herman and I moved to Port Elizabeth when we were appointed on the very first staff for the Port Elizabeth Teachers' College - Herman as lecturer in Mathematics. After having learnt that the new college would have its campus built in Summerstrand, we bought a plot in Louis Botha Crescent. In 1973 we built the house that we've been in ever since! Of course, on 40 years Herman knows the area very well. And in his steady, even-tempered and relaxed way, he has built up for himself a respected name through many long-standing relationships and trust.

With a good balance between being service- and people-orientated, he relates extremely well to the rental industry, and he uses his strong, steady tendencies to accomplish his goals. He likes to assist the Lessors in being their personal representative for their properties.

Even as he manages the rental properties, the fact that he can make decisions without becoming emotionally involved, benefits him tremendously and he can successfully address the problems on the mere facts. He is helpful and considerate in a modest way, and he prefers the "tried and true" method. He always operates with the greatest patience and steadfastness, and will at all times bring stability to any group. Solving any problem at your property will be seen by him as a nice challenge for the day, which he always tackles with a painstaking seriousness! Trust him for that!

Still, I am your Specialist Consultant regarding all property matters and, if you have a house to let, or need help with your rental property, please call the Office known for service "Beyond Excellence"!

Of kom ons sê dit in gewone Afrikaans: Voortreflik Voorwaar!


Mundy Nieuwenhuizen

Tel: 041 583 5453
Fax: 041 583 3456
Cell: 082 449 1114

Mundy registered as a Property Consultant in August 1997, and worked as an independent property-broker for a few years. Coming from a 30-year background of marketing earlier, he subsequently moved to Summerstrand. Here he started to look for a full-time position at a leading property company at the beachfront. He took up his new position with MARIETTE ROSSOUW & ASSOCIATES early in 2005 with great enthusiasm.

As a team member Mundy stands out as an energetic and driven agent who likes daily challenges and who diligently perseveres at any task. He will have a lot of patience in trying situations - as one experiences in the demands of the property market, and will always display great sympathy with clients in relocating times. He is frank and open, whilst his natural quality of being non-judgmental is of great value in his relationships. We also know him to be a person who is a good listener, considerate and respectful.

As a true property professional Mundy is strong at paying attention to important data and collecting analytical detail, and he adds real value through his marketing skills and experience. He is a dependable team player who understands the true spirit of our team: FIRST for you – FIRST in Trust, Service and Integrity.

Selling or buying? Please phone him today: 082 449 1114

Anèl Van Deemter

Tel: 041 583 5453
Fax: 041 583 3456
Cell: 076 143 0508

Anèl and her husband, Thomas, moved to Summerstrand some 14 years ago when they  decided to invest in a home in our ten-minute-town – ten minutes to everything: schools, airport, the beach, town, doctors and even all sorts of shops and businesses.

Subsequently they moved to Wolfsburg Germany where Thomas held a position at Volkswagen for a few years. On returning, Anèl was looking for new challenges and joined our team in May 2007. Anèl, a qualified teacher, has had valuable experience earlier in running her own franchise school successfully for four years. Her decision to join the property industry was prompted by the inherent flexibility which would stand her in good stead in raising her children. Anèl is the devoted mother of two pretty girls.

Thomas and Anèl enjoy the advantages of living at the beachfront and being minutes away from schools, Summerwood Primary and Pearson High. They find it gratifying to be actively involved at the schools and serving the community in general in many ways. They also value spending quality time with their family on regular family-outings and any exciting outdoor-activities.

Anèl is honest and discreet in every situation and therefore is a important asset to our team.  She is sociable, enjoys the uniqueness of every person she meets, and is accepting of others. She is considerate and a responsible person – you can always rely on her, and is always ready to help!  Anél is quick to pick up on group dynamics and skilled in fitting-in with a group where she implements her balanced use of judgment.

Anèl is someone who brings stability to a team and, yet, she is also persistent and persevering in her approach to achieving her goals, and especially in meeting the needs and requirements of her clients. So, please call her for property info, or even just a friendly chat: 076 143 0508. You can also call her partner, Shirreen on 083 307 5722.

Tokkie Young

Tel: 041 583 5453
Fax: 041 583 3456
Cell: 084 605 2727

Tokkie and husband, Richard, relocated from Cape Town in 1980 and on falling in love with the suburb by the sea, they invested in property in Summerstrand. After many years of teaching and lecturing in high schools and tertiary institutions as well as being Principal of a private school, Tokkie decided to venture into a new avenue of interest: property.

On joining our team in October 2007 it was immediately clear that Tokkie was quick to pick up on group dynamics and skilled in fitting-in with groups. She is considerate, compassionate and accepting of others, and therefore builds good relationships. She is also sensitive to the feelings of others and is able to display real empathy for those who are experiencing difficulties. She prefers to help and support others and it is important to her to build confidence in others. She is persistent and persevering in her approach to achieving goals. Yes, Tokkie prefers to plan her work and work her plan, and therefore believes in a job well done.

Tokkie is people-orientated and is thus very sociable.  She is always optimistic and enthusiastic with a very positive outlook on life, has a good sense of humour and loves fun. She prefers to work in an environment in which she deals with people on a personal, intimate basis, and thrives on assignments with a high degree of people contact. Tokkie and Richard love to entertain and both are keen to experiment in the kitchen; thus leisure-time activities usually include friends and family.

Tokkie’s motto “Success comes not through wishing, but through hard work faithfully done” keeps her focused and dedicated. She can be depended on, trusted at all times, and would never let anybody down. Kindly call her for information or an appointment today: 084 605 2727.

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